An important part of the Society's work is publishing full transcripts of the memorial inscriptions at every historical parish church and chapel in Montgomeryshire. In 2014 we published the memorial inscriptions for the parish church and chapels of Llanwddyn, thus completing the part of the Society’s work programme dealing with chapels and churches' burial grounds. The task of gathering and transcribing was carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers over a period of many years. They meticulously transcribed gravestones, a large percentage of which are badly eroded or invisible to the naked eye having disappeared under ground as nature takes over. The final stages of the MI programme have involved the modern cemeteries, e.g. the large municipal cemeteries at Newtown, Llanidloes, Machynlleth and Welshpool.  We now hold a full transcript of every known memorial in the county.


Pictured: Hold that Camera Straight! A typical scene of the team at work.